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What We Offer


From a full, experienced race team to top of the line cars to transportation and shop space. Jacombs Racing has a full list of services to offer you. 

Prepare your Equipment

Arrive and Drive

Shop Services


  With this program we supply everything, NASCAR Canadian Tire Series stock cars, oval or road course, crew chief, pit crew, all equipment, registration fees, testing, fuel, tire etc.


  Bring your helmet and fire suit and go racing.

(subject to driver approval by NASCAR)


  Available for one race or entire race schedule.



  This is a program where we would prepare your NCaTS stock car, with this there are two options:


- Prepare your car and transport it to the track basically like arrive and drive, supply all crew, equipment, fuel, tires etc.


- Prepare your car and you transport it to the track and use your own people and equipment.


We offer all types of services to any style of race car, such as:


- Full car preparation


- Repairs and maintenance


- Assessment and diagnostics


- Setup


For more information and rates regarding these packages email

Dave Jacombs at or call

905.517.0055 for more information. 

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